Gear Review: Edelweiss Discover 8mm x 30m Rope

Keep your pack light with this twin rope.

For glacier crossings, technical snow sections, rescues, and short roping—in other words, just about any situation where a big, vertical fall is unlikely—the Discover is ideal. It’s a twin rope (climbers use a pair for vertical ice), so it’s lighter, thinner, and more packable than a standard rope. Each strand of the sheath (outer layer) is treated with Everdry (a water-repellent coating), which translates to easy-to-manage rope, even in wet snow. “My load stayed light because my rope never absorbed water,” said one tester after a session of crevasse rescue training in soft spring snow in Rocky Mountain National Park. It’s also treated with a baked-on polymer treatment, which boosts abrasion resistance. Plus, it’s a killer deal. $80; 2 lbs. 12 oz.;