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Gear Review: Coleman All-in-One Cooking System

A propane system that takes camp cooking to a whole new level.

When I’m not guiding on some far-flung peak and eating freeze-dried pouch meals, I like to eat well. Especially on family car-camping trips. This new propane system has taken my camp cooking to a whole new level because of the chameleon-like versatility of the interchangeable cooking surfaces. I made hearty, one-pot meals (like pasta with white sauce) using the included stock pot, which integrates perfectly on the propane burner. I grilled kielbasa and veggies using the grill grate option. And the next morning, I quickly swapped in the griddle surface and made a mile-high stack of pancakes for my family and friends.

The push button ignition was a big plus when I forgot to bring a lighter on a camping trip in the High Uintas Wilderness. Fueled by the ubiquitous green cans of propane, the burner got hot quickly (a liter of water boiled in an average of four minutes), and I could dial it back to make my pancakes golden brown. But the propane fuel proved balky in elevations higher than 10,000 feet. The big storage bag makes packing and transporting your kitchen easy—it accommodates not only all the components, but also two 16-ounce fuel canisters and plenty of utensils and spices, too. $150; 20 lbs. 8 oz.;