Gear Review: ABC Guide Harness

The ABC Guide harness is lightweight and utilitarian.

This lightweight, utilitarian harness is ideal for winter climbs and year-round peakbagging. And the price makes it right even for occasional use. Best feature: Two-inch-wide leg loops that adjust fully for a comfortable fit over bulky winter pants and open completely for easy on-and-off when wearing skis or crampons.

During a winter traverse of Granite Glacier in the Canadian Rockies, our tester appreciated the simplicity: “It’s unpadded, which I like for cold weather when I’m already wearing extra layers; there’s less material that can get wet and caked with ice,” she said. The bright orange belay loop is easy to spot, and it packs down to grapefruit size for easy storage. Downside: There’s no drop seat, so when nature calls you have to undo the leg loops. $33; 10 oz.;