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Gear: Eton Rukus Solar Sound System

Turn an iPod into a campground sound system.

[solar sound system]

Eton Rukus

Imagine your all-time favorite car camping site (mine’s hours up a dirt road
I’ll never tell you about in Colorado’s Sawatch Range). Now add some Bob
Marley (or LMFAO or Def Leppard or whatever it is you love; I don’t care).
Didn’t it just go from Shangri-La to full-on heaven? This dictionary-size
speaker system makes that transition easy. Just synch your phone or tablet
or laptop via Bluetooth, and start jamming. The solar panel charges the
speakers (and your device too if USB-connected). The power meter never
dipped below 50 percent, even after four hours of after-dark reggae. It
survived light drizzle too. Sound quality? It’s not a Bose, but it fills the
average campsite and won’t break the bank.$150; 4 lb. 13.oz;