Dirtbag Dining: Quick-Prep Backcountry Dinners

Quick-prep, three-ingredient dinners.

It’s cold. You hiked 25 miles. Some nights, you’re just not in the mood to simmer a bay leaf. When simpler is better, try one of these quick-prep dinners—each with just three ingredients.

Dehydrated refried beans + chicken pouch + hot sauce
Rice + tuna pouch + pepper jack cheese
Polenta + Parmesan cheese + sausage
Macaroni and cheese + extra cheddar + can of spicy chili
Indian food pouch (such as Indian Fare or Tasty Bite) + couscous + cashews
Smoked salmon + quinoa + bacon salt
Ramen noodle packet + instant potato flakes + jerky pieces
Angel hair pasta + pesto paste + sardines