Cookware Review: Evernew Slick Non-Stick Titanium Cookware

Your ultralight kitchen is now complete

Why: Finally, the benefits of titanium without the hassle of scrubbing burned crud. The trick? Evernew figured out how to apply a tough nonstick coating to titanium, making this cookware line the first we've seen to deliver weight savings, durability, and easy cleanup in one smart package. Folding handles eliminate the need to locate that lost pot gripper. We like the 2-pot Cookset for its versatile combination of 1.9- and 1.3-liter pots, and lids that double as frying pans.

How much: $95 (for the 2-pot Cookset; $49 for one 1.3-liter pot)

Weight: 1 lb. 2 oz.

Contact: (800) 426-4840,