Cherries Flambe Is the Flaming Camp Dessert You’ve Been Waiting For

Class up your camp with these backpacker's crepes.

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When Dennis Lewon comes back from a trip in Wyoming’s Wind Rivers saying he’s got a brand-new recipe, you’d best pay attention. Our staff gourmand (and former Backpacker Editor-in-Chief) is famous for his creative camp meals—easy to make, yet always infused with a certain flavorful je ne sais quoi. So now we bring you a world-exclusive dessert a la Dennis: Cherries Flambe.

It’s not as hard as it sounds: This fancy-adjacent dessert comes together with just a few backpacking-friendly ingredients, including dried cherries and brandy (pack a nip, or pack a flask and enjoy some around the fire afterwards) and subs out freshly-made crepes for warmed tortillas. Have a good photographer in your group? Tell them to get their camera ready—this is one dish that they’ll want to foodstagram.

Cherries Flambe

Adjust ingredient measurements according to appetite and number of hikers.


  • Dried tart cherries
  • Brandy
  • Sugar
  • Tortillas
  • Cream cheese

In camp

Heat cherries in a pan with a little sugar and water, until most of the water is absorbed. While they’re warming up, spread cream cheese on tortillas. Add a couple of tablespoons of brandy to the cherries, heat for a few more seconds, then light the whole thing. Scoop cherries (careful, now) into tortillas with a spoon, wrap, and eat.

Originally published in 2009; last updated in December 2021