Camp Chef Makeover: The Winter Hiker

Staying warm does require extra calories when hiking in the winter.
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Bobby Trotter, 45, Knoxville, TN

Diagnosis Stymied by frozen food “Due to the cold temps and short stops, I just eat a protein bar for lunch, but if I forget to put it in a pocket when breaking camp, the bar is hard enough to break a tooth,” Bobby says.

Makeover by Jennifer Pharr Davis, thru-hiker, author, and speaker. Philosophy: “Food is no casual affair in winter hiking—you need 500-plus extra calories a day to stay warm.”

Meal Rx Since more processed or whole-nut bars freeze more easily, we gave Bobby better options (Odwalla, Nutri-Grain, Clif, and DIY bars) and tasty menu ideas.

Easy winter lunches Evol Burritos, prethawed (; raisin, honey, & cream cheese bagel; salami with cheddar; banana & Nutella tortilla

Furnace Food

Eat a snack high in fat or protein before bed; the heat generated by digestion will keep you warmer.

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