The Best Beginner Rock Climbing Gear of 2015

Start right with this bargain kit—helmet, harness, shoes, rope, and belay device—assembled by the editors of Climbing magazine.

Best Beginner Rock Climber Gear 2015

Hiking and backpacking not scratching your adrenaline itch? Want to get technical, whether for the fun of climbing or to hone your skills for climbing a big peak? Hit your local gym or a class to get your technique down, then invest in these key pieces of gear to get your started off right.

The editors at our sister magazine, Climbing, pulled together these five items that together make for a killer bargain starter set for the hobbyist climber. Check out a super-light climbing helmet; a great-value climbing harness; a durable, versatile Petzl climbing rope; a comfortable rock climbing shoe; and a basic ATC belay device with some special features. Put together, it’s the best beginner rock climbing gear 2015

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