BACKPACKER Trail Chef Video Center

From beer pancakes to on-the-go tiramisu, our resident Trail Chef will have your mouth watering in no time.

Backcountry Tiramisu!

You heard us right: Wow your campmates with this classic gourmet dessert made right outside your tent.

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Bake Pizza On A Camp Stove

Can't call Domino's? Assistant Editor Elisabeth Kwak-Hefferan shows you how to easily make a mean pizza, right in the backcountry.

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How To Cook Pancakes...With Beer!

Our Trail Chef shows you how to make no-mess backcountry pancakes using–you heard us right–beer.

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How To Cook A Fish...On A Rock!

If you've caught a fish in the backcountry but forgot the pan, don't despair: Trail Chef shows you how to improvise a skillet with a rock.

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Cook Bacon and a Bag!

Fry bacon and eggs in a bag with Elisabeth Kwak-Hefferan and this unconventional camp cooking technique.

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