Backcountry Bartender: New Year's Sparkling Cocktail

Ring in the New Year with this twist on the classic champagne cocktail featuring pomegranate and brown sugar.

Celebrating the New Year tent-side just got better-- bubbles are now backcountry friendly. Francis Coppola (yeah, “The Godfather” director) Winery’s Sofia Blanc de Blanc Sparkling White is a must-pack for New Year’s trips where glass is an unfriendly option. Pair with a side of pomegranate, brown sugar, and citrus, and you have a delicious sparkling wine cocktail. We're calling this one the Holiday 75- a twist on an old classic, the French 75. Normally made with gin, sugar, lemon, and champagne, our version plays up the holidays.


1 tbsp. fresh pomegranate seeds

1 oz. 42 Below Vodka

1 oz. brown sugar simple syrup*

2 lemon slices, squeezed

1 can Francis Coppola’s Sofia Blanc de Blanc Sparkling White Wine

*Combine equal parts brown sugar and water and bring to a boil. Allow to cool before packaging.

At home:

Combine fresh pomegranate seeds, vodka, brown sugar simple, and lemon squeezes in a zip-top bag. Pack as many similarly prepared cocktails in a wide-mouthed water bottle and seal tightly.

On the trail:

Chill contents of zip-top bag in a cool stream or snow pack. Once chilled, add contents of the zip-top bag to a GSI Nesting Champagne Flute (or similar glass) and top with Sofia Blanc de Blanc Sparkling White Wine.

Happy New Year!