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BACKCOUNTRY BARTENDER: Ginger Spiced Apple Cider

Warm up with this recipe for apple cider with a kick.

As your favorite trails and campsites cool down, sip this fall warmer for a classic treat with a kick. We got inspired this Halloween so mark your calendar to whip this one up next year with some added flair.**


3-6 oz Unfiltered Apple Juice (If you can find unfiltered apple cider made from fresh apples, even better)

1 Individual packet of mulling spices

1 oz Domaine de Canton Ginger Liqueur

1 oz Absolute Vanilla Vodka

¼ oz Agave Nectar

1 Candy Skull (Available at Mexican groceries) or small apple for garnish**

At Home:

Measure apple juice and put in a zip-top bag, measure ginger liqueur, vodka, and agave into a separate zip-top bag. Make sure to pack one packet of mulling spices per drink.

On the Trail:

Heat apple juice with one packet of mulling spices and brew according to directions. Once juice comes to a boil remove from heat. Add ginger liqueur, vodka, and agave and stir until agave is dissolved. Add candy skull for a fun Halloween garnish, or entertain the little ones by carving a face into a small apple, then toast over a fire and float in cider.

**Halloween Note:

While adult ghouls and goblins sip the grown-up version, modify this drink for little ones by leaving out the booze. Miniature Dia de los Muertos type candy skulls add a fun twist, if you can find them at the store, and a little extra sweetness as they dissolve in hot cider. If you can’t find candy skulls, check out this idea for a garnish by Martha Stewart-- peel a small apple and carve a face into one side, throw onto a skewer and lightly toast over a fire before floating in cider.