Adventure Travel Skills

See more wildlife, climb more peaks, and hike more miles with these tips that'll help every adventure traveling backpacker raise their game.
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Multisport Maniac

If your dream day involves paddling, hiking, and biking, learn how to:

>> Manage a Kayak in Rough Water

>> Get Rescue Insurance

>> Pack Smart for Every Sport


Is your goal to summit as many mountaintops as possible?

>> Avoid Jetlag

>> Adjust to Altitude

>> Get Foreign Beta

>> Transport Your Gear Safely

Wildlife Lover

If bear-spotting's your passion, you'll need to know how to:

>> Shoot Pro-Quality Animal Photos

>> See More Wildlife

Family Traveler

Read up about keeping everyone happy on the trail:

>> Prep The Entire Family

Mileage Master

Heading out for a 50-mile weekend or a 2,000-mile trek? 

>> Prevent High-Mileage Injuries 

>> Stay in Touch

>> Protect Your Feet

Limit Pusher

If your hikes are about challenging yourself, study up to:

>> Conquer Tough Terrain

>> Prep for the Hike of Your Life

>> Stay Fueled