9 Paleo Snack and Meal Recipes for Backpacking

It's easier than you'd think to eat paleo on the trail. These 9 paleo snack and meal recipes will have you focusing on the scenery, not your food.

1. No-Bake Coconut Bars

Even if you’re hiking above tree line, these coconut-packed bars will whisk you away to a tropical place. Make this recipe.

2. Sage Maple Beef Jerky

You’ll need your own dehydrator to make this jerky, but the chewy meat is sure to keep your mouth happy. Make this recipe.

3. Unstuffed Peppers

This recipe is a twofer: make the unstuffed peppers for dinner at home and dehydrate the leftovers for a day in the backcountry. You can’t go wrong! Make this recipe.

4. Key Lime Coconut Energy Bites

These citrus-infused bites will waken up your taste buds! There is nothing better to keep dry mouth away while on the trail. Make this recipe.

5. Bacon Medley

Bacon is a staple of the Paleo world, so it’s no surprise that it’s the main ingredient in this easy dinner. Make this recipe.

6. Baked Veggie Chips

This crunchy snack makes it easy to get your daily serving of vegetables in while on the trail. Bonus: all the prep work is done at home! Make this recipe.

7. Dehydrated Yams

Mix these with your eggs or eat them on their own. Either way, dehydrated yams are genius. Make this recipe.

8. Turkey Stew

This recipe is the most complicated of the group, but it’s worth it. Not only is it hearty enough for the backcountry, but you can also make double batches to freeze for your next trip. Make this recipe.

9. Huevos Rancheros

We promise: make this recipe and you’ll be singing a happy tune while watching your buddies eat their instant oatmeal. Make this recipe.