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5 Ways to Save Big on Backpacking Gear

Don't break the bank. Our editors test buying factory-direct, searching out secondhand deals, and more.

Hiking is a simple pastime. Buying hiking gear, less so: Getting a whole new setup can mean dropping thousands of dollars. But with a little savvy, you can save a thru-hike’s worth of money. Our contributors test four different strategies for thrifty shoppers.

Save Money on Second Chance Gear

second chance gear

One hiker’s house cleaning is another hiker’s shopping spree. Read the Full Article.

Save Money by Buying Factory-Direct Outdoor Gear

discounted web gear

Can a no-name imitation work as well as pricier outdoor gear? Our tester heads to Amazon to find out. Read the Full Article.

Save on Gear by Making It Yourself

making gear yourself

Save a few bucks but, more importantly, earn bragging rights by making your own gear. Read the Full Article.

Save on Gear at Big Box Stores

save at big box stores

Don’t dismiss the mass-market chains: Careful shoppers can find great deals on basic items. Read the Full Article.

Repair Your Own Gear


The easiest, best way to save money on gear? Keep what you have in working order. Learn how with our online Outdoor Gear Maintenance and Repair class, presented by AIM Adventure U and Boulder Mountain Repair. Sign Up for the Class.