5 Things to Use Instead of Toilet Paper

With TP disappearing off of store shelves around the U.S., maybe its time for the public to learn something backpackers have known for a long time.

If you've watched the news or been to a grocery store lately, you've likely heard about the toilet paper shortage. As coronavirus continues to dominate headlines, TP has become an object of anxiety for people across the US and some other countries, leading to runs on double-ply. In visits to grocery stores near BACKPACKER's office, we found shelves denuded of toilet paper and anything resembling it—tissues, wet wipes, and even paper towels.

Maybe it's time for the public to learn something that backpackers have known for a long time: You don't need TP. For as long as people have headed into the woods, they've been improvising at bathroom time. And while recent research suggests burying the white stuff is more eco-friendly than originally thought, the easy and green solution is still to find your own. If you've never tried, here are our picks for the best toilet paper substitutes.