5 Reasons to Skip the Gym and Go Hiking

Yeah, yeah, any workout is good fitness. But we think you'll agree: Hiking is just BETTER.
skip the gym

(Frankieleon / Flickr)

1. Skip the gym to improve your mood

Exercising in a natural environment has been shown to leave you less anxious, angry, and depressed than burning the same amount of calories indoors.

2. Fresh air is good for you.

Sun = Vitamin D. Vitamin D = A stronger immune system, healthier bones, a lower cancer risk, and more.

3. Hiking is free.

Less money spent means less stress. More time outside also means less stress. (Do you see what we're getting at?)

4. You'll sleep better

Natural sunlight helps set your body's clock, meaning better sleep at night and more refreshing mornings.

5. Treadmills are for hamsters.

'Nuf said. We’ll see you outside.