2011 Readers' Choice Photo Contest

Enter our 2011 "Your Best Shot" photo contest for a chance to win a Crumpler camera pack.

The Readers' Choice 2011 Photo Contest is now closed. Look for the top images in the January 2011 issue of BACKPACKER MAGAZINE. Thanks to everyone who participated; winners will be contacted directly by the BACKPACKER photo department. Rules regarding our regular Reader Photo Contest can be found at backpacker.com/photos.

Deadline: September 10

Contest rules: backpacker.com/photos

Participants may enter no more than four (4) photographs during any week of the contest and no more than twelve (12) photographs total for the duration of the contest.

The file must be no larger than 10 Mb in size. Start the file name with category and your name "category_YOURNAME". For example, if the file name was IMG_4684.jpg rename it "Landscape_JohnSmith_IMG_4684.jpg." Please see these helpful tips from our Photo Department on preparing your image files.