11 Intense Moments Every New Backpacker Will Recognize

From feeling too tired to eat to finally giving up on personal hygiene, if you've been on a backpacking trip, you know what we're talking about here.

1. When you try to do something awesome to impress the people around you and it backfires.

Totally meant to do that, guys.

2. When you find out the term "exposure” does not mean "a really bad sunburn."

I'm just gonna stand back here.

3. That moment you realize that trying to “stay on your diet” is a stupid idea in the backcountry.

Give me all the foods.

4. When you manage to kill every single bug inside the tent and the buzzing finally stops.


5. Feeling so tired after a long hike THAT YOU CAN’T EVEN EAT.

Worse than Mondays. (source: imgur.com)

The morning struggle - Imgur

6. Realizing you don’t even miss shaving, doing your hair, and otherwise achieving arbitrary standards of beauty.

Maybe I could just stop getting dressed every day too?

(Office Space)

(Office Space)

7. When your hiking partner admits they have mosquito bites on their butt, too.

No such thing as TMI.

8. That moment it becomes clear that this is basically your only hair option.

Hat hair = total upgrade from here.

9. When you eat the last square of chocolate and you still have 2 days left.

Why didn't we just bring more?! We could have brought more.

10. Monday morning, when your co-workers notice the dirt you couldn’t get out from under your fingernails...

Oh. My. God.

11. ...and you're all like, "get over it."

They're just gonna get this dirty again next weekend.