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Recipe: Garlic Noodles

Elevate your standard Ramen with this savory sauce that comes together in minutes.


Keep Your Fingers and Toes Warm on Winter Hikes

Cold fingers and toes cause quick misery in the backcountry. The key to feeling as warm as possible is keeping your digits toasty. Take care of your hands and feet and you’ll have a much more pleasant winter camping experience.

Skiing on mountain

How to Camp in Comfort This Winter

The fourth season’s rewards—unparalleled solitude and otherwordly views—don’t come easy. Use this advice from Colorado ski guide Mia Tucholke to handle the cold and witness the season’s splendor.

hikers in winter

Can a Warm-Weather Backpacker Learn to Love Winter?

Two fair-weather enthusiasts tear down their fear of the fourth season.

Exercising by a mountain lake

3 Perfect Exercises to Keep You Pain-Free and Pack-Ready

Whether it’s a moderate overnight load or 45 pounds of expedition gear, the moment you put on a pack your body must acclimate to additional pressure on your joints, muscles, and spine. Add these exercises to your workout routine to feel like a champ no matter how much you're carrying.


How to Care for Your Adventure Dog

The only thing better than hiking in the fall? Hiking through gorgeous autumn foliage with your best friend.

Woman in pink jacket and black leggings walks across an icy bridge in Kahtoola MICROspikes traction.

Enjoy the Outdoors All Winter Long With This Traction

With new EXOspikes, Kahtoola completes the ultimate trilogy of winter traction.

hors d'oeuvres

3 Hors D'oeuvres to Fancy Up Your Next Camping Trip

We all need a little something to munch on while we wait for the chili to rehydrate. These tasty, easy-prep apps might just be the most memorable part of the meal.


Capture Fall Colors on Camera

Get the perfect foliage shot with this expert advice.


LNT Confessional: I Swam Wearing Bug Spray

Taking a dip in a backcountry lake? Stop and think about what you're wearing.

climbing a glacier

Pass/Fail: Master Glacier Travel

Can an expert hiker face her fears to reach new heights?


The Beginner's Guide to Foraging

Reap the bounty of nature’s pantry by learning to identify and responsibly harvest wild edibles on the trail or in your neighborhood.

performance nutrition - John Loo - Flickr

The Essential Rules of Backpacking Nutrition

Learn what you need to stay fueled and happy for every trip with performance nutrition advice from our expert personal trainer.

continental divide trail

Ask a Thru-Hiker: What Is an Average Day on the Trail Like?

It can't all be sunsets and bear encounters. Thru-hikers spend most of their time doing one thing: walking.

doing leg exercises

Up Your Hiking Endurance With These 3 Exercises

Escape the gym with these movement-based routines designed to take your workout outdoors.

Strengthen to avoid ankle pain. (A. Bydlon)

4 Exercises to Build Trail-Worthy Ankle Strength

These moves will help you make an injury-free transition to lightweight hiking shoes without risking a sprain.

forest ranger digging a cathole

Ask a Thru-Hiker: What Do I Need to Know About Leave No Trace?

Most thru-hikers are careful about LNT rules—but a few scofflaws can make us all look bad.

packrafting in a canyon

Pass/Fail: Packraft the Desert

Can a group of novice packrafters make it out of Canyonlands in one piece?


Card Games for Backpackers

With these games, you won't even mind being tentbound.


How to Pack Your Sleeping Pad

Never wrestle your sleep system again.


Ask a Thru-Hiker: What Are “White-Blazers” and “Blue-Blazers”?

Thru-hiking lingo isn’t just code, it’s a window into how people backpack.

Gallatin National Forest

A Veteran Thru-Hiker's Best Advice

Get ready for the adventure of a lifetime with the most popular columns from thru-hiker Liz "Snorkel" Thomas.