Join BACKPACKER for National Summit Day on August 4!

national summit day

Thank you for joining BACKPACKER and Big City Mountaineers on Saturday August 4, 2018 to celebrate our favorite mountains and the people who climb them! 

Did you enjoy your hike? Tell us about your adventure with #nationalsummitday!


Its never to early to start planning for next year, pick out a hike, and check out the info below.

Everyone with a pair of shoes and nearby hill or mountain is invited. Register yourself, register a group, or join a group hike to make National Summit Day a party that spans highpoints near and far. Or help fundraise for Big City Mountaineers.

Find a Hike

Looking for a peak near you? Check out our list of hikes by state. If you want beta for a particular peak, email us at

On National Summit Day we recognize that throughout history and across cultures people have found different meaningful ways to relate to the mountains, the land, and outdoor spaces. We welcome everyone of every stripe, color, orientation, race, religion, identity, background and ability, to join us for National Summit Day. No matter what “summit” you choose, it’s not about the fancy gear, or relating to the outdoors in any one particular way. It’s about coming together to celebrate summits, real and metaphorical.