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Top Waterproof Gear Repair Kits and Sealants

Nothing ruins a trip like having a leak in your gear, whether it’s a jacket, backpack, or a tent. With a little bit of planning, and preparation, you can take the worry out of your next adventure. Waterproof sealants give you confidence that your gear will protect you before, during, and after the rain has started. There’s even a couple of great choices that make it possible to make a repair while on the go. Check out how these great kits and sealants can keep you dry and give you peace of mind.

Best Neoprene Repair

Gear Aid Aquaseal FD Flexible Repair Adhesive

Permanent Solution. This flexible solution cures overnight, or faster with an accelerant, and is built to take on harsh environments saving you time with just one repair. 

What We Liked

Gear Aid makes the process of repairing gear easy, and permanent. It’s strong enough to repair large tears in neoprene, nylon, leather, Gore-Tex, vinyl, and rubber, so you can fix a variety of gear. Create a waterproof and flexible repair overnight for a seal that won’t crack, tear, or peel.  Shop on Amazon.

Easiest to Use

Tenacious Tape Gore-TEX Fabric Patches

Quick Repairs. Quickly fix that hole in your Gore-Tex clothing with the peel-and-stick patches that won’t peel off even after being washed.

What We Liked

These fabric patches are a permanent waterproof, breathable solution without the hassle of sewing. They’ll continue to stay on your Gore-Tex jacket, pants, bibs, and gloves even after washing. The kit comes with two large patches that can easily be cut to size. The small packaging makes them convenient to carry on your next adventure.  Buy on Amazon.

Top Choice

PVC Glue Best Waterproof Outdoor Gear Repair Kit

Versatile. You no longer have to carry several different products or wait until you get home to make a repair. With PVC Glue you can repair most of your gear in just two hours.

What We Liked

This is your on-the-fly solution for repairs. PVC Glue sticks well, resists damage, is heat, temperature, and UV resistant for a repair that will stand up to your tough outings. You’ll pay more for the 20ml tube, but you’ll only have to carry one little tube to make a lot of repairs that will have you dry and happy quickly. Get Some on Amazon.

Great for Seams

Seam Grip WP Waterproof Sealant and Adhesive for Tents and Outdoor Fabric

Stay Dry. Stop worrying about finding holes or open seams during your next camping trip. Just apply Gear Aid Seam Grip sealant along the seams the night before your trip.

What We Liked

Having rain drip in through the seams of your tent is avoidable now that there’s an easy-to-apply sealant that cures into a flexible rubber seal. Treat your nylon, canvas, leather, vinyl, and polyester gear before your next trip and rest peacefully, even when it does rain. A single 1oz tube of sealant will repair up to twelve feet of seams and is available in an 8oz tube as well.  Available on Amazon. 

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