Top Portable Fishing Net Traps

Designed to help you catch fish and crabs without too much effort, portable fishing net traps let you add a convenient tool to your outing to make it a success. To help you in your search for the right net for you, we’ve pulled together a few of our favorites below. These are great for day trips, and thanks to generally small packing sizes are good for overnight camping or backpacking trips near bodies of water as well.

Best Variety

Bewinner Fishing Net Portable 

Light and Packable

This fishing net trap is available with either six entrances or twelve entrances, so you can pick the size that works best for your purposes.

What We Liked

This net features six solid steel bar brackets to keep it sturdy, but it still folds down to keep it portable. Both the 6-hole and 12-hole models measure a little over 22 inches across, but the twelve-hole model adds a little more height. Order Online.

Easiest to Use

RUNACC Folded Fishing Net Trap

Three Simple Steps

This fishing net trap features a simple cylinder design with openings on both ends. Plus, it boasts a zipper down the middle to more conveniently take out what you catch.

What We Liked

To use this fishing net, you just open the hook to unfold it, expand the net, and then pop it directly into the water. When unfolded, this net measures a little over 23 inches tall, but it collapses down for no-fuss storage. Get It Here.

Best for Still Water

Portable Collapsible Fishing Net Trap

Large Entrances and More

For added peace of mind, this net is backed by a brand promise to take responsibility for any quality issues within 30 days. This could also be the perfect size for your sought-after catches!

What We Liked

This net features six sides with 12 holes, to offer lots of opportunities for fish, etc. to enter. Made from steel wire and mesh, this net is meant for still ponds and lakes, and should not be used in heavy waves or strong currents. Buy Now.

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