Top Mountain Bike Tires

When you’re off-road you can’t afford to wash out or lose traction on an uphill climb. Mountain bike tires are designed to grip the trail and stand up to rough terrain. With so many people riding mountain bikes in a lot of different environments, today’s tires offer a smoother ride on and off the trail. We found three, 26-inch tires with superb grip, durability, and dependability to keep you riding smoothly.
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Best Dependability

Goodyear Folding Bead Mountain Bike Tire

Sand and Gravel Problem-Solver. Goodyear has been known for making quality tires for many decades, their folding bead mountain bike tire is no exception. A durable and dependable tire, this non-directional tire handles sand and gravel better than most and still gives a smooth ride on the road.

What We Liked

The bead is made up of Kevlar fibers instead of metal wires so not only does it fold great for shipping, but it makes for an easier installation. Replace your mountain bike’s 26-inch front tire to get grip performance you can trust. This tire fits 2 to 2.125-inch rims. Order Online.

Editor’s Choice

Continental Vertical 26 x 2.30 Black Tire

Climb ahead of the Pack. Continental gave the Vertical an endless-edge design that ensures superior traction in the corners. These low weight tires provide smooth rolling on hard surfaces and are perfect for loose rock and dirt. You’ll get superb grip for the greatest traction, on the mountain, where you need it most. This robust tire will keep you ahead of the pack.

What We Liked

The Vertical by Continental can be used in the front or back and has a high degree of protection from punctures. The performance is fantastic in situations where traction counts. This grippy tire has low rolling resistance and weighs 730 grams. Purchase Yours Today.

Best Grip

KENDA Smoke Type K816 Bicycle Tire - 26 x 2.1

Corner Like a Pro. To stay in the lead you need to be able to take the corners fast. That means getting low. Washing out because your tires couldn’t handle the turn is unacceptable, and it hurts. The Kenda Smoke Type K816 will lead you through your tight corners.

What We Liked

It doesn’t matter if you’re on damp grass or loose dirt, you’ll hug the trail with confidence. Cornering is where the big, grippy tread treats you right with traction that holds you up. Installing the tire the right way is made easy by following the directionality arrows. Buy Now.

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