Top Landing Nets for Anglers

You’ve hooked the fish you’ve been waiting for, and now it’s time to land it. A landing net can help get the job done with little harm to your catch. A landing net is especially helpful if you’ve caught a hefty prize that might potentially break your line if you keep reeling. To help you find the best net for your next day on the water, we’ve rounded up our three favorite options so you can shop like a pro.

Longest Pole

PLUSINNO Fishing Net Fish Landing Net

Multiple Models in One

This net is available in an adjustable pole option, which stretches 38 inches when extended, giving you plenty of reach.

What We Liked

Designed to be strong and durable, the net is made from nylon mesh, while the pole is made from carbon fiber mixed with fiberglass. Both the fixed pole and retractable models can collapse down for easier storage, so you can keep them handy while also saving space. Order Online.

Best Overall

SF Fly Fishing Landing Net 

Unique Look and Great Function

This net is designed to bring a comfortable grip thanks to its use of laminated bamboo and hardwood on the frame and handle.

What We Liked

This catch and release net uses a soft, see-through rubberized net that’s designed to be gentle on the fish while not spooking them with obvious colors. One of the shorter options here on this list, this net has a handle of roughly 9 inches long and a hoop of about 16 inches long, so it should be fairly easy to control. Get It Here.

Largest Capacity

ZHENDUO OUTDOOR Fishing Net Fishing Landing Net

Useful Tools at Your Fingertips

This net boasts a depth of 15.5 inches and promises to hold up to 20 pounds, so it’s designed to work well for anglers ranging from beginner to advanced.

What We Liked

To keep you prepared, this set comes with both a fish net and a fish gripper. Plus, the net features a belt clip on the extendable pole, to make it more convenient to carry around. Buy Now.

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