Top Insect Head Nets

Getting swarmed by pesky insects is a quick way to ruin a hike. To give yourself some protection without using tons of sprays and repellents, you might want to try out an insect head net instead. Featuring different styles, materials, and levels of coverage, there are many insect head nets to choose from. We’ve pulled together a few popular options to help you find a great one for you.
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Most Portable

EVEN NATURALS Premium Mosquito Head Net Mesh

Stay Prepared

This head net comes with a convenient carry bag, making it easy to pack down and take along on a hike.

What We Liked

This net is made with very fine mesh, offering 620 holes per square inch. It is designed to be large enough to fit over most hats, measuring 26 inches long with a 25-inch circumference at the top. Plus, it’s machine washable for easy cleaning. Order Online.

Best Coverage

Tough Outdoors Bug Jacket with Hood

Unique Design

Card Blurb Body: Covering more than just your head, this full mesh jacket with long sleeves offers an awesome line of defense against insects.

What We Liked

This bug jacket features a fully zippered head cover, so you can unzip the top part to eat and drink more freely without having to remove the whole jacket. To allow for a snug fit, the jacket also features adjustable drawstring cords around the wrists and waist. Purchase Yours Today.

Simplest Design

Coleman 2000014864 Mosquito Head Net

Throw It On

This mosquito head net offers lightweight, easy-to-use protection from insects.

What We Liked

This head net is made with a maximum netting grade of one millimeter that’s designed to keep insects from biting while still giving you plenty of visibility. This net is meant to work best with wide, all-around brim hats, but it can fit other hats as well. Get It Here.

Most Versatile

Palmyth Mosquito Head Net Hat

Many Functions

This option features both a mosquito net and sun hat rolled into one, and it can be worn in four different ways.

What We Liked

This head net hat is designed to offer protection from mosquitoes, sun, and water, thanks to its bug net, removable neck flap, and water repellent fabric. The bug net can be rolled back into the hat with snap fasteners, so you can keep it out of your face when you don’t need it. Buy Now.

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