Top Fish Hook Removers

After minutes, hours, or maybe even days of patiently waiting, you’ve finally caught that elusive fish and it’s time to remove the hook. That’s where a hook remover comes in handy. To help you find the right one for you, we’ve pulled together a couple of popular options.
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CrazyShark Hook Remover Aluminum Fish Hook Remover Extractor 13.6in

Easy to Use

This hook remover measures more than a foot long, so it offers plenty of reach for dealing with larger fish.

What We Liked

This hook remover features an aluminum tube with a stainless steel hook, designed to bring reliable strength. It also has a plastic handle meant to provide a comfortable grip and make it more natural to maneuver. Order Online.

Most Portable

Cuda 18835 8.5-Inch Titanium Bonded Dehooker

Small and Lightweight

This hook remover measures just 8.5 inches long, so it’s a convenient tool for removing hooks from smaller fish.

What We Liked

This hook remover is designed primarily for freshwater use or small salt species, and it’s compact enough to go along with you on a kayak without weighing you down. It features an aluminum construction and is backed by a lifetime warranty against defects, for added peace of mind. Purchase Yours Today.

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