The Best Vacuum Food Jars

Vacuum-insulated food jars can be extremely useful on outdoor adventures, whether you want to pack hot oatmeal for a cold morning hike or hearty meals for a quick dinner while camping. These convenient containers make it easy to bring food anywhere, without worrying about spills and messes. The best vacuum food jars can keep contents hot or cold for several hours, and feature a wide opening so you can easily fill them up, eat from them, and clean them. To help you find the right vacuum food jar for you, we’ve pulled together four great options spanning different sizes, designs, features, and prices.
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Most Affordable

Thermos Foogo Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel 10-Ounce Food Jar

Kid and Budget-Friendly. Offering a 10-ounce capacity for under $15, the Thermos Foogo was made with kids in mind and stands out as the most affordable option on our list.

What We Liked

Featuring a stainless steel interior and double-walled design, this budget-friendly Thermos food jar promises to keep contents cold for up to nine hours or warm for up to five.  Also great for preserving food you want to keep fresh for days.  Shop on Amazon Today.

Best Design

MIRA Lunch, Food Jar, Insulated Thermos

No-Slip Exterior. Boasting a matte finish, sweat-free exterior, and simple design, this food jar from MIRA is ideal for those in search of a sleek container that’s compact and easy to grip.

What We Liked

Measuring just 5 inches tall and 3.25 inches wide, this 13.5-ounce container from MIRA can slip easily into your backpack or lunch bag, while promising to stay leak-free and keep contents cold for 10 hours or hot for five. Buy on Amazon.

Best Variety

Zojirushi SW-EAE50XA Stainless Steel Food Jar

Comes in Many Sizes.  Available in three different sizes and five different colors, this stainless steel food jar from Zojirushi offers the widest variety of any of the options here—ideal for the pickiest shoppers.

What We Liked

Coming in an 11.8-ounce, 16.9-ounce, and 25-ounce size, this Zojirushi food jar boasts a clear-coated finish and dimples on the lid to allow for easier gripping and opening. Buy Today.

Best Value

Energify Vacuum Insulated Food Jar

Large Capacity.  Boasting a 24-ounce capacity for just $22, this vacuum insulated food jar from Energify stands out as the best bang-for-your-buck option on our list.

What We Liked

If you’re hoping to pack large amounts of food at once—without breaking the bank—you’ll appreciate the great value of this Energify food jar. Plus, its screw-off lid converts into a bowl, so you can easily share what you bring. Get Yours on Amazon Today.