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The Best Thermal Blankets

Carrying an emergency blanket can save your life. In situations where you need instant shelter and protection from the elements, these heat-hoarding, waterproof coverings might mean the difference between a rescue situation and a good story. When choosing an emergency blanket, consider its materials, size, and weight.
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Best all-around

Swiss Safe Emergency Mylar Thermal Blankets

Light and protective

This blanket conserves heat and comes in multiple color options for increased visibility.

What We Liked

Thanks to mylar material, this blanket will insulated you and keep you warm. It’s available in colors like gold, orange, and red, which are more visible to searchers and rescuers if necessary. The blanket can cover two people, but comes in an easily stowable package. Order Online.

Most packable

Primacare HB-10 Emergency Foil Mylar Thermal Blanket

Compact and dependable

This blanket comes in a thin package, but expands to a size that’s versatile and offers good coverage.

What We Liked

This blanket it easy to store, and fits easily into a pack or a car’s glove box. However, once you take it out of the package it serves well as a warm, waterproof covering or cover from the sun. You can also use it as a ground covering. Buy Yours Today.


Arcturus Heavy Duty Survival Blanket

Rugged and weighty

Plenty color options give this survival blanket utility in many environments and situations.

What We Liked

With two layers of polypropylene, this blanket is thicker than the usual emergency blanket. It’s more durable because of that, and a touch warmer as well. Bright color options make it visible to rescuers. Purchase Here.

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