The Best Standard Ropes for Climbing

They don’t call it the “standard” just because. A standard climbing rope is generally 60 meters, and it’s advised you don’t purchase anything shorter—in fact, many climbers these days use 70-meter or even 80-meter lead lines. With different colors, diameters, and fall ratings, there’s a dynamic (lead and toprope) climbing rope for you. Below, you’ll find our top three standard rope selections to consider before your next climbing excursion.
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Best for Beginners

Edelrid Python 10mm Dynamic Climbing Rope


High-Quality Rope for Newbies. The Edelrid climbing rope claims to be a high-quality beginner’s rope, which we found to be accurate. At a beefy 10mm in diameter, it provides ample security for newer climbers, who are often hard on their cords.

What We Liked: 

This rope is perfect for entry-level climbing—at 10mm in diameter, there’s plenty of hard-wearing sheathe to protect the core, which is critical when learning to lead or if frequently toproping. Meanwhile, the Thermo Shield treatment and abrasion-resistant sheathe prevent the rope from fuzzing up over its lifetime. Get it today. 

Most Durable

BlueWater Ropes 10.5mm Accelerator Standard Dynamic Single Rope


A Rope That Lasts. We agree that this rope, with its all-around quality, is perfect for beginners just dipping their toes or for veterans who climb all the time. It’s a wise investment for any type of roped-climbing adventure, be it sport, trad, multi-pitch, or toproping at your local crag.

What We Liked: 

BlueWater Ropes’s standard single rope was designed for performance and durability. At 60m long and 10.5mm in diameter, it is the thickest rope on this list, also making it one of the strongest, holding 11 UIAA falls and with an impact force of 7.9 kN. You can climb with peace of mind, knowing this rope has been rigorously tested and will catch you when you whip. Get it here.


Black Diamond 9.9mm Climbing Rope


Light and Smooth. Black Diamond boasts of this 9.9 mm rope’s strength and resiliency. It consistently yields a soft catch, and it’s amazing how thin and packable this option is.

What We Liked: 

At 9.9mm, this Black Diamond climbing rope is the thinnest of the bunch, which also makes it a lighter option. On top of its aesthetics, it’s made of nylon, so it’s a very smooth rope. The coating is great at keeping dirt and grime from getting into the tightly woven strands, so it will still look good and run smoothly even after multiple uses. We have to say: it’s great for gym use and also holds up well against abrasion on the rock. And, at such a small diameter, it’s packable and relatively light (8.5 pounds for the 60-meter). Buy it here.