The Best Snow Saws

Snow saws are great tools for winter camping. They’re adept at cutting snow blocks for tent shelters or igloos, as well as studying snow conditions for avalanche safety. When choosing a snow saw, consider its blade length, packable size, and handle comfort.
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SILKY Professional BIGBOY 2000 Folding Saw XL

Burly and efficient. 

This saw’s huge blade is great for cutting sizable blocks of snow with ease.

With a blade that measures 14 inches long, this saw can create large snow bricks for protecting your tent or making a shelter such as an igloo. It still folds in half for storage, though, which makes it more portable. The rubberized handle is good for keeping your hands from slipping as you work. Order Online.

Most comfortable

Samurai 13” Heavy Duty Saw

Ergonomic and well-designed.

A drastically curved handle makes this saw easy to wield.

Cutting snow blocks for long periods of time can take a toll on your hand and rest, but this saw’s design helps alleviate discomfort. Its handle is curved and features large notches for your fingers, so you can achieve a natural, comfortable grip. This saw also comes with a handy carrying case. Purchase Yours Today.

Most versatile

Rexbeti Folding Saw

Adaptable and simple. 

Large teeth and a folding design make this saw work for all your cutting needs.

With an aggressively toothed blade, you can put this saw to work cutting wood as well as snow. It folds up small enough to take backpacking, and its rubber handle offers a good mix of grip and comfort. When the blade is locked out, this saw is very secure. Get It Here.

Best for backcountry snow study

Black Diamond Snow Saw Pro

Precise and compact. 

This stowable and light saw is perfect for outdoor adventurers who need to assess avalanche conditions.

If you’re traveling in avalanche terrain, this saw is useful for digging avalanche assessment pits and conducting Extended Column Tests. It’s light and folds up small, so it’s convenient to carry in your backpack. It even comes with attachments to put it on ski poles for an extended reach. Buy Now.

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