The Best Sewing Awl Kits

When you use your gear for outdoor adventure, rips and tears are pretty inevitable. However, that doesn't have to mean retiring your gear forever—that’s where a sewing awl comes in. A sewing awl can be used to make basic lock stitches, almost like a portable mini sewing machine, so you can stitch and repair heavy-duty fabrics by hand. These convenient repair tools can come in handy with mending tents, backpacks, sails, and other gear. We’ve pulled together a few great kits to help you find the right one to repair your gear. When choosing, make sure to consider the pieces included, the amount of thread, and the price.
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Best Small Kit

Speedy Stitcher Sewing Awl

Simple and Convenient. This Speedy Stitcher set comes with one sewing awl, one curved needle, one straight needle, and 30 yards of waxed polyester thread—everything you’ll need for repairs in a convenient set that can easily slip into your backpack or toolbox.

What We Liked

At under $20, this small sewing awl kit from Speedy Stitcher stands out as a compact and convenient kit that can keep you prepared for those pesky outdoor repair needs.  Buy Today on Amazon. 

Best Overall Kit

Sewing Awl Kit by Speedy Stitcher

Comprehensive Set. Featuring a sewing awl, four needles, a bobbin wound with 14-yards of waxed coarse thread, a 180-yard tube of additional thread, and a useful instruction guide, this kit from Speedy Stitcher boasts the most comprehensive set of pieces on our list.

What We Liked

If you want a well-stocked kit that will keep you prepared for the many repairs that the backcountry might throw your way, this comprehensive sewing awl kit from Speedy Stitcher is a stellar choice.  Available at Amazon.

Most Affordable

 BIGTEDDY Sewing Awl Hand Stitcher Kit

Budget-Friendly Tool.  Boasting two hook needles, two straight needles, and one copper awl for under $9, this BigTeddy set stands out as the most affordable option on our list.

What We Liked

If you’re looking for a basic sewing awl kit at a budget-friendly price, this four-needle set from BigTeddy is a great pick. This affordable set also comes with a small box for easier storage and transport.  Get Yours Today Here.

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