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The Best Running Hats

A running hat can protect your head from the elements if you’re going to be at the sun’s mercy for a while, and you’ll be glad to have one if it starts raining as well. With running hats, you’ll want one that’s got a good fit, so it won’t come loose with the impact of your strides. You also want to find one with a wide brim to protect you from the weather, and you’ll probably also be looking for a color that appeals to you. Check out our favorite running hats below.

Most Lightweight

TrailHeads Race Day Performance Running Hat

Well-Designed, Lightweight Cap. This running cap for women provides protection from the weather and is surprisingly lightweight.

What We Liked

The Performance Running Hat from Trailheads is designed for women, and it is one-size-fits-most. A great advantage is that it’s made of extremely lightweight materials, weighing in at only two ounces. This means that you won’t find it cumbersome as you explore the jogging trails near your home or tackle that half marathon. It has a dark underbill that reduces glare and keeps your face pleasantly shaded. The polyester mesh construction is moisture-wicking, which you’ll appreciate on hotter days. It also comes in several colors, including pink punch, cool green, coral, and seafoam green. Get it here. 

Most Moisture-Resistant

Headsweats Performance Race/Running/Outdoor Sports Hat

Cap with Moisture-Resistant Material. This high-performance running cap is also suitable for biking, hiking, and other outdoor activities.

What We Liked

This cap, by Headsweats, is composed of their proprietary Eventure Fabric technology. It is designed for super-fast moisture wicking. If you’re perspiring heavily on a hot day, the cap will repel moisture and dry much quicker than many of the competitors on the market. The same is true if you get caught in a sudden cloudburst. The material is breathable and lightweight, making this a fine choice for many outdoor activities, including tennis, volleyball, softball, hiking, and more. It also comes in many fun colors, like purple, royal blue, and orange. Plus, it has an adjustable strap in the back to accommodate different head sizes. Buy it now. 

Best Design

Under Armour Men's Shadow 4.0 Run Cap

High-Quality Running Cap. The well-known brand Under Armour created this cap for distance running, but it has many other potential uses.

What We Liked

This runner’s cap, from Under Armour, is made of 100 percent imported polyester. It is machine-washable and measures 0.7 inches high and 14 inches wide. It comes with an unstructured fit that will adjust to match your head size. It also has the distinct, reflective Under Armour interlocking letters on the front. There is a wordmark on the rear as well. This will enable you to be more visible from the front or rear if you’re jogging at night or in foggy or rainy conditions. It’s that sort of attention to detail that makes this cap a better option than some of the others like it. Wear this cap for jogging, and also biking, hiking, and competitive sports. Buy it here. 

Best Unisex Hat


Unisex Running Hat. This hat is suitable for many different outdoor activities, and it comes in several sporty colors.

What We Liked

This is a unisex hat that is coated in special UV-resistant material to protect your face’s delicate skin during the year’s hottest months. The visor is wide and long to cast a shadow over your nose and the front of your neck. It is made of lightweight, wicking polyester fabric that will repel both rainwater and sweat. The brim and edges are reflective, making this the perfect choice for night running, too. It is also highly foldable, so you can adjust it to the shape you like best. Grab this hat and take it along on your next fishing expedition, nature walk, or stroll through the countryside. It comes in fun colors like fruit green, orange, and light grey. Get it now. 

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