The Best Runners and Slings

Runners, also known as slings, are typically made by sewing webbing into a loop. Runners are used to build anchors, or to extend quickdraws to reduce friction so climbing ropes can run straight when climbing. Runners are very versatile and can be used for changing situations in climbing, adding different sizes to your gear rack will make sure that you are prepared to deal with unexpected situations when you climb. With different sizes, and load rates, there’s a runner that’s right for you.
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 Best Value 

Black Diamond Dynex Sewn Runners

Tough and Versatile. Black Diamond runners are strong and durable and will withstand years of use.

What We Liked: 

The Black Diamond Dynex sewn runner is made of cotton, which makes it less abrasive for climbers. At just 10mm wide, this runner is lightweight and versatile, which makes it easy to store away neatly. And despite its size, it’s incredibly sturdy and has a load rate of 22kN. This runner works well as an anchor, letting you climb with confidence knowing that you are secure. Get it here.

Editor’s Choice

GM CLIMBING Nylon Sling Runner

Excellent Quality Sling. GM boasts of its high quality runner with a breaking strength of 4840lb, we found this to be accurate.

What We Liked: 

The GM Climbing Nylon Sling Runner is a nicely sewn web strap at an affordable price. The orange color is eye-catching and makes it easily distinguishable among your other gear. Its low cost makes it a popular piece of equipment for multiple activities. whether that’s rock climbing, hiking, rappelling or even sailing, GM’s nylon sling runner is a great product to have with you. Get it today.

Honorable Mention

Wellsem Nylon Runner

 Excellent Product. Wellsem claims that their runners are extremely durable, and considering how this product has a multitude of uses, we agree with that statement.

What We Liked: 

With a load capacity of 23kN, Wellsem nylon sling runners are the strong and can be applied to many different sports and uses. They’re a very versatile product, we’ve seen them used to extend anchor points, tie off on chickenheads, and used to secure a child’s swing. Available in 5 different lengths, there’s a Wellsem runner available to accommodate your needs. Buy it today.

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