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The Best Plastic Sheeting

When you need to wrap something, plastic sheeting is an easy solution. It’s simple to deploy, protective, and cost-effective. The best plastic sheeting is compact when packed and unspools quickly.
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Best Overall

Warp Brothers SP-4CH10-C 4 Mil Carry Home Coverall Clear Plastic Sheeting

Waterproof and Durable

This sheeting offers superior coverage for whatever you cover with it.

What We Liked

It won’t let moisture in, and is thick enough to resist rips. The tube shape makes it easy to deploy. The transparency will let you view what you’ve wrapped. Get it here. 

Green Pick

TRM Manufacturing 61025C Weatherall Visqueen Plastic Sheeting

Most Eco-Friendly

This sheeting comes with an environmental bonus.

What We Liked

This sheeting is made from recycled materials, so it helps save waste. It’s still strong enough to be protective, though. The bag makes it easy to access the sheeting itself. Buy it now. 

Best Coverage

PlazMask Pre-Taped Masking Film

Clingy and Form-Fitting

This sheeting is specially designed to wrap any object as tight as possible.

What We Liked

With a light, pliable feel, you can conform this sheeting to almost any object. It will hold tight due to static cling. Still, it won’t tear under duress. Buy it here. 

Most Durable

Queen of Tarps Translucent Tarp

Burly and Long-Lasting

With thick materials, this clear sheet offers maximum protection and product life.

What We Liked

This tarp comes in different thicknesses, so you can choose the one to fit your durability needs. The tarp is also waterproof. It has grommets on the corners so you can secure it better. Get it now. 

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