The Best Mountain Biking Shoes

Like all outdoor activities that combine balance, endurance, and skill, mountain biking requires a dialed-in gear loadout. One of the most important products in any mountain biking is your shoes: They’ll keep you comfortable on your ride and provide power transfer for steep sections, as well as make sure your feet are protected. When picking mountain biking footwear, consider what blend of comfort, stiffness, and weight is ideal for you.
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Best Power Transfer

Tommaso Montagna 100

Stiff and powerful. This shoe’s fiberglass-reinforced sole provides ample pedal power for conquering uphills and long rides.

What We Liked

A stiff shoe can make all the difference for getting the most out of a mountain bike ride, and the Montagna delivers. Its sole is reinforced with fiberglass, which maximizes your pedaling efficiency on steep sections of trail. The Montagna also has a synthetic leather upper and is still comfortable enough for commuting or spinning. Order Online.

Best Value

Gavin Off Road Mountain Cycling Shoes 

Affordable and breathable. This light-yet-stiff mountain biking shoe performs like a product that costs twice as much.

What We Liked

The most eye-catching thing about this shoe is the price. For just $60, you get a product that will serve you well on technical mountain biking trails. Its stiff sole provides ample power transfer, and the microfiber-and-mesh upper breathe well enough that you won’t overheat on warm days. Purchase Yours Today.

Most Comfortable

Venzo Mountain Bike Cycling Shoes 

Easy on your feet. This shoe’s material and profile ensure that it will keep your feet comfortable during long mountain biking outings.

What We Liked

This model from Venzo looks almost like an athletic shoe and is just as comfortable. A large mesh portion over the forefoot encourages airflow, and three beefy straps keep your feet secure. The sole is also stiff, so you can use the shoe for efficient pedaling whether you’re mountain biking, road biking, or commuting. Get It Here.

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