The Best Mountain Bike Stems

Do you know about mountain bike stems? If you’re only aware of biking in a casual way, then you might not be overly familiar with them. Bike stems are vitally important, the stem is one of the parts of the bike that is responsible for how the bike steers. The stem’s angle, in degrees, relative to the fork affects reach and positioning. If a stem has zero rise, for instance, then it will be straight. A stem with a rise creates an angle between the handlebar clamp areas and the steerer. When you’re looking at what stem is appropriate for your bike, you want to see if it is composed of high-quality materials. You also want to look at the length, as a shorter stem gives the bike responsiveness and quick handling, while a longer one puts you in a better position to peddle on steep climbs.
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Best Materials

RaceFace Respond Mountain Bike Stem

Expertly-Crafted Bike Stem. This mountain bike stem is made of high-strength aluminum, and will hold up well even in the most grueling conditions. 

What We Liked

The Respond Mountain Bike Stem, from RaceFace, has a rise of 10 degrees. This shifts the rider’s weight toward the front of the bike, so you are in the perfect position for some hard uphill pedaling. If you know that you’re going to be tackling some rugged terrain, this stem should serve you well. It is made of forged and blasted heavy-duty aluminum that is fatigue-resistant for most riders. A four-bolt bar clamp holds the bar securely in position, so there is no danger of it slipping or shifting as you ride. It also features interlocking U-shaped handlebar clamp technology that transfers the pressure to the body and away from the stem bolts. Order Online.

Most Versatile

FOMTOR 31.8 Stem

Versatile Stem for Different Bikes. This stem can be used with mountain bikes, but also road bikes, track bikes, BMX-style bikes, and others.

What We Liked

This stem, from FOMTOR, has a handlebar diameter of 1.25’’, a front fork stem diameter of 1-1/8’’, and a length of 70 mm. These are dimensions that make it suitable for use with a wide variety of bicycles. You can use this for your mountain bike, but it’s also a fine choice for use with BMX bikes, road bikes, or track bikes. It is durable and lightweight, but still quite strong and impact-resistant. It is constructed of CNC machined 6061 T6 aluminum alloy. A four-bolt bar clamp holds it firmly in position, and it takes just a few seconds to install. Purchase Yours Today.

Most Responsive

31.8 Stem 45mm Bike Stem

Short, Responsive Bike Stem. This compact mountain bike stem will allow you exercise precise control and cornering during downhill stretches. 

What We Liked

This mountain bike stem has a handlebar diameter of 1-1/4’’ and a steerer tube diameter of 1-1/8’’. The length is 45mm, and it is extremely lightweight at only 130 g. This short handlebar stem is universal, meaning that it works for mountain bikes, and also downhill or track bikes, fixed-gear bikes, and the majority of road bikes. It is made of high-test aluminum alloy, and you can install it easily. The four-bolt bar clamp will hold it in position, so it won’t ever shift during rides. Because of its shorter length, this stem gives you precise control during downhill stretches. You’ll be glad of the responsiveness when you’re dealing with sharp turns and steep grades. Get It Here.

Easiest to Adjust

Wake MTB Stem

Adjustable Bike Stem. This is a bike stem that is easily adjusted to put you in a riding position that offers the most comfort and control.

What We Liked

The steerer tube diameter of this bike stem is 1-1/8’’, and the handlebar diameter is 1-1/4’’. The length is 110 mm, and it weighs 290 g. The hollow design makes it exceptionally lightweight. It has a four-bolt clamp that will keep it locked firmly in position. For installation, you connect to the original front fork stem. It is universal, meaning that it works with most mountain bikes, fixed-gear bikes, and road bikes. What sets this model apart, though, is that you can adjust the angle, from 0 degrees all the way up to 60. Mountain bike aficionados know how much of a difference that makes. You can set it for quick handling and responsiveness, or power-pedaling for steep climbs. Buy Now.

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