The Best Moisture-Wicking Underwear For Men

For high-intensity activities, especially in warm weather, you want your clothing to disperse sweat and help you stay comfortable. While most people usually apply this thinking to their shirts, shorts, and pants, underwear is just as important. A good pair of tech underwear can help you from overheating, prevent chafing, and resist odor.
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Champion Men's Elite X-Temp Boxer Briefs 4-Pack

Cozy and Breathable

A cotton/polyester/spandex blend makes this boxer feel great on your skin.

What We Liked

This boxer leverages the benefits of cotton, polyester, and spandex to keep you comfy no matter how hard you’re working. Cotton grants breathability and softness, polyester wicks away sweat and dries quickly, and spandex keeps everything stretchy. A fly and a lay-flat waistband are useful features as well. Get them here. 


New Balance Men's 6" Boxer Brief Fly Front with Pouch

Light and Pliable

A high spandex content allows this boxer to keep up with your every move.

What We Liked

Thanks to its 90% polyester, 10% percent spandex fabric, you’ll never have to worry about overstretching this boxer when you run, climb, or work out. The material is also extremely breathable, and wicks sweat away while also drying quickly. Buy them now. 

Most Comfortable

Reebok Mens Performance Quick Dry Moisture Wicking Boxer Briefs (3 Pack)

Supportive and Ergonomic

A cut designed to contour to your body ensures that this boxer will never chafe the wrong spots.

What We Liked

This box has a seamed pouch to provide support where you need it most, so you will feel secure no matter what high-octane activity you’re participating in. No tags mean you won’t feel any friction at the back, either. The polyester and spandex blend will keep you cool and dries quickly. A size range from small to XXL means there’s a fit for everyone. Buy them here. 

Best for Warm Weather

Under Armour Men's Tech 6-Inch Boxerjock 2-Pack

Airy and Odor-Resistant

An ultra-breathable fabric and anti-stink tech make this boxer a good pick for fighting sweat.

What We Liked

This boxer is made for keeping you cool in warm weather. Its close-to-the-body fit and polyester fabric transport sweat away from the skin, and it dries in a hurry. Plus, an anti-odor treatment will help prevent smells over a long day or even multiple days of use. Get them now. 

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