The Best Emergency Whistles

When you need to get everyone’s attention, you want a whistle that will cut above the noise. How loud should an emergency whistle be? How about loud enough to get rescued when you’ve lost the trail? Or, loud enough to fend off an approaching animal? For some of you, it must be loud and clear underwater, or in rain. Take a look at these Top Four Emergency Whistles to find a great solution for hiking, sporting events, emergency operations, diving, or personal protection.
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Editor’s Choice

SHvivik Emergency Whistle

Simply the Best. The SHvivik has Emergency Whistle is simple, durable, and convenient to carry all the time. Attach the attractive whistle to your keys or tie it to your pack, belt, or simply hang it around your neck.

What We Liked

You get two super-loud (120 dB), attractive and easy-to-carry aluminum alloy attention-getters that blow whether wet or dry. The key chain rings and 18-inch lanyards make them so simple to carry, you’ll be ready to be heard in an instant. Get it now. 

Survivalist’s Pick

Atomic Bear Paracord Bracelet – Fire Starter –Whistle – Emergency Knife

All-in-One Lifesaver. Now you can find everything you need to survive outdoors without having to waste time fumbling around your pockets and pack. The Atomic Bear provides five essential tools in one. Your fire starter, compass, knife, whistle, and twelve feet of military-grade paracord are all here.

What We Liked

We can’t say enough about how reassuring it is to have five emergency devices right on your wrist. Packaged with two survivalist kits, the package also includes instructions on how to use the flint to start a fire and comes with a lifetime warranty. Buy it here. 

Top Outdoor Choice


Be Heard. Put on hearing before letting out 142dB from this attention-grabber. This uncommon safety tool can be heard for two miles.

What We Liked

When your whistle comes with hearing protection you know you’re safe from dogs, bears, birds, and other wild creatures that move in too close. These antimicrobial whistles are buoyant, and work under all conditions, including underwater. And they come with an easy-to-clip neck lanyard, so it’s always right where you need it. Buy it now. 

Diver’s Choice

Storm Safety Whistle

Attention all divers! A whistle that can be heard for up to 50 feet underwater and up to a half-mile on land. Made with a non-corroding thermoplastic, and large size makes this whistle a must-have tool for diving or anywhere around wet conditions.

What We Liked

We love the fact that the Storm Safety Whistle can be blown when held upside down and in up to 50 feet of water. The housing makes it easy to grab, and at 130 dB, you can rest assured you’ll be heard. Simple and effective – no wonder it’s the whistle of choice for police departments, the U.S. military, Coast Guard, and a host of other emergency teams. Get it here. 

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