The Best Cord and Webbing

Having tough and durable webbing or cord will provide security during your adventures. Whether you’re a rescue worker, rock climber, or something in between, there’s a cord or webbing out there that will suit your needs. Here are our top three choices.
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Strongest Cord

Kissloves Outdoor Rock Climbing Cord


Strong and Affordable. With a 22kN rating, we agree that this cord is resilient, and the price is great.

What We Liked:

The Kissloves rock-climbing cord is very strong and simple to use. At 22kN rating, this cord is strong enough to hold 4,850 pounds, and its smooth construction prevents it from fighting with your lifeline. It’s made for climbers, but this cord can be used in many different situations. It has even been recommended by high-rise window cleaners for its security. In fact, it’s so versatile, we’ve even seen it used for hauling without having to tie knots together. Get it today.

Editor's Choice

Sgt. Knots BlueWater Tubular Webbing


Great quality webbing. Sgt. Knots boasts of its superior strength, flexibility, and durability, which we found to be accurate.

What We Liked:

SGT. Knots tubular webbing was created for safety and rescue workers, survivalists and firefighters, and rock climbers. Depending on your intended use, this webbing is available in five different lengths, so there’s definitely a size that will suit your needs. On top of its incredible strength and durability, this webbing will surprise you with its softness and interesting colors. And if you ever have issues with your purchase, Sgt. Knots has superior customer service to help you resolve problems. It's available today.

Best on a Budget

Strapworks Lightweight Polypropylene Webbing


Great for DIYers. With 22 different colors and easy to cut, shape, and knot properties, this webbing is perfect for the craftsman or woman.

What We Liked:

The Strapworks Lightweight Webbing is weather resistant as well as being reasonably strong. That makes it ideal for a wide variety of outdoor conditions and environments. The webbing is also mold, mildew and rot resistant, so you can use it on rainy days or in high-moisture areas. With a tensile strength of just 600 pounds, it’s not the strongest of the three options, but considering how easy it is to manipulate and sew, it works well for arts and crafts projects like making a dog collar. Get it today.