The Best Camping Shovels

A shovel can be an extremely useful tool around camp, but normal models are often too bulky for transport or only serve one function. That’s why having a shovel designed specifically for camping and survival is key: They contain features that make them useful in many scenarios, and collapse so they’re more portable. When choosing a camping shovel, consider its tool set, size, and ease of use.
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Best all-around

HARVET Military Portable Shovel and Pickax

Versatile and feature-rich. 

A number of handy accessories make this shovel useful in a host of situations.

This shovel is essentially a giant Swiss army knife. It features elements that turn it into a screwdriver, a knife, a saw, a box opener, and a handle. It also collapses down for easy storage and transportation, and comes with a storage sack. Order Online.

Best design

Tyger Shovel

Streamlined and intuitive. 

This shovel’s tools fit together in a way that makes them easy to access and simple to store.

This shovel contains a whopping 16 functions, but it’s not overbuilt or complicated. Most of the features fit right into its straight handle, so they’re neatly stored away when you don’t need them. It’s also made from carbon steel so it will remain durable for years. Purchase Yours Today.

Most compact

SOG Folding Survival Shovel

Light and portable. 

This shovel collapses in on itself so you can take it anywhere.

With a packed length of only 10 inches, this shovel folds up so small that it’s easy to shove in your car or even your backpack for a multiday trip. However, when extended it’s still a fully functional tool thanks to a chunky handle and strong steel construction. A serrated edge on one side of the head allows you use it to cut wood. Get It Here.

Most efficient

Lifeline Aluminum Sport Utility Shovel

Simple and dependable. 

This no-frills shovel will get the job done and is easy to store.

This shovel breaks into three pieces, so you can fit it in small storage spaces for transport. When it’s assembled, it’s aluminum shaft and head remain strong. It’s light and won’t weigh you down, but still retains its utility. Buy Now.

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