The Best Camp Soap Sheets

Sure, you can skip a bath for a few days, or a week. But sometimes, you just need to get clean, even in the backcountry. Carrying a biodegradable liquid soap is one option, but it can get messy. Camp soap sheets provide a simple, neat solution; these eco-friendly toiletries dissolve upon exposure to water, letting you get clean without getting your gear soapy.
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Best Overall

Coleman Camping Soap Sheet

Great for Backcountry Dishes. This smart soap works as well for cleaning up after mealtime as it does for hands.

What We Liked

Finding a soap that works as well for your dishes as it does for your hands will save you space. Coleman’s soap sheets pull double-duty, cleaning skin easily and comfortably while stripping grease off group dishes. The sheets (50 come in a pack) are biodegradable, and come in a moisture-resistant plastic case about the size of a container of breath mints. Buy Now.

Best for Travelers

Travelon Hand Soap Toiletry Sheets, 50-Count

TSA-Compliant Soap. Breeze through security without worrying about liquid size limits.

What We Liked

Flying with toiletries is one of the great hassles of modern air travel. If you’re tired of separating your soap into 1-ounce bottles, continue swapping it for this dry, fragrance-free alternative. A sheet of soap dissolves almost instantly in water for cleaning up on the go or washing clothes, and the plastic packs are matchbox-size—small enough to fit into even the tightest pockets. At just $5 for a pack of 50, they’re affordable too. Buy Now.

Most Affordable

Outdoor Travel Hand Washing Soap Paper Sheets, Portable Camping Hand Soap, Hiking Washing Hand Bath Paper Soap for Kids, Camping, Tourism, Travel, BBQ, Party, School, Girls, etc. (5 Pack x 30 Sheets,Rose Scent)

Great Deal for Hikers. Make your money go further with a multi-pack of these rose-scented soap sheets.

What We Liked

At under $9 for 150 sheets, this dry soap is the most affordable in the test. It’s also the best-smelling: Unlike most of its unscented competition, these soap flakes come with a subtle floral fragrance. The lightweight plastic containers are perfect for distributing to friends in your backpacking group, scouts, traveling companions, school kids headed out on field trips, or anyone who may find themselves in need of clean hands on the go. Buy Now.

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