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The Best Camp Coffee Presses

In the camping world, ‘roughing it’ can mean all kinds of things to different people. Maybe it’s sleeping in a tent, eating dehydrated food, purifying water, or going without showers for a few weeks. With that said, what it never has to mean is skipping your morning coffee. Even in an outdoor kitchen, you can still kick off a full day of hiking and wilderness exploration with freshly brewed coffee, that is once you find a potable water source. Our top picks feature the perfect coffee presses for all weekend warriors, even if ‘roughing it’ means packing up your RV for a weekend of fun by a lake. Consider capacity, durability, and weight when shopping. These coffee presses are perfect for brewing a great ‘cup of joe’ wherever your adventures take you.
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Most Durable

Mueller French Press Stainless Steel Coffee Maker 

Double Walled Insulation. You can accidentally drop this 34-ounce stainless steel French press into the fire pit and still make coffee. It’s double-walled to keep coffee warmer longer, weighs 2.2 pounds, and comes with a coffee canister for bringing coffee beans to the campsite.

What We Liked: 

Besides being utilitarian, the European design even looks good enough for your kitchen counter at home. Get it here.

Best Overall 

Coffee Gator French Press Coffee Maker 

Suitable for All Occasions. You can get this 34-ounce coffee press in a half dozen colors to match your gear. Thanks to double wall construction, coffee stays hot all morning. It comes with a matching mini-canister to pack coffee from cupboard to campsite.

What We Liked: 

Whether you’re using it while camping, at home, or at the office, this French press looks stylish while brewing a great cup of coffee. Get it today.

Best for Backpacking 

Stanley Stan Adv Coffee Press Cook + Brew

One Pot For Everything. Here’s a single 32-ounce product for all your outdoor kitchen needs. It brews coffee, boils water, and cooks food. Nested inside the 7.6-inch press is a BPA-free insulated plastic coffee mug.

What We Liked: 

With the nesting feature, you can pack everything you need for fresh coffee while on the trail without sacrificing space in your pack. Plus, the collapsible handle lets you put the stainless steel pot directly on a camp stove. Buy it here.

Best for Camping 

GSI Outdoors French Press Coffee Mug

Simple Lightweight Design. GSI makes this 30-ounce press with BPA-free plastic, wrapped in water-resistant insulating cloth to keep coffee hot down to the last cup. It weighs just 10.3 ounces and is 7.7 inches tall.

What We Liked: 

You don’t have to feel bad about knocking the press around; besides keeping coffee warm, the cloth exterior absorbs impact. In addition, we love that it’s easy to clean and lightweight enough for international travel. Buy it here.

Best for Solo Adventurers

 GSI Outdoors Commuter JavaPress, French Press Coffee Mug

Fresh Brewed Single Cup

 Whether you’re a solo camper or just don’t want to share your morning brew, this 16-ounce mug press is for you. Wrapped in insulating ballistic fabric, it’s both a French press and a travel mug, perfect for caffeinating on the trail or a morning commute.

What We Liked: 

It’s designed to fit into water bottle pouches on packs or cup holders in cars. This is the ideal press for rushed morning commutes or just the freshest coffee on the trail. Get it today.