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The Best Bike Helmets

Biking is an easy and fun outdoor activity to partake in, but safety should always be your top concern. Wearing a helmet is among the best thing you can do to prevent serious injury in the event of a crash. When choosing a helmet, consider its protection, airflow, and comfort.
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Best Overall

Shinmax Bike Helmet

Feature-rich and Safe

With a number of smart design choices, this helmet offers increased protection.

What We Liked

With a hard PC shell up top this helmet will keep your noggin safe in case of a fall, while the removable goggles and sun shield will protect your eyes and face from the elements. A rechargeable LED light in the back is good for nighttime road rides. Plus, a whopping 21 vents promote cooling airflow across your scalp. Get it here. 

Most Protective

JBM Adult Cycling Bike Helmet

Heavy-duty and Comfortable

Thanks to multiple safety-oriented materials, this helmet is designed to prevent injuries.

What We Liked

A combination of PVC, PC, and EPS foam works to lessen the impact of a crash. Still, plenty of vents means you can wear this helmet without getting too warm. A small visor keeps the sun out of your eyes. Buy it now. 

Most Stylish

Schwinn Bike Helmet Intercept Collection

Bright and Chic

This helmet stands out in a crowd without looking too technical.

What We Liked

Bright purple stripes will turn heads on the trail, but you can wear this helmet in an urban setting as well. It comes equipped with a front visor to combat the sun. A dial at the back adjusts the helmet to fit multiple head sizes. Buy it here. 

Women’s Pick

Bell Thalia Women’s Bike Helmet

Customizable and Simple

This helmet is designed specifically to provide women with superior comfort and protection.

What We Liked

An easy-adjust belt at the base of the head ensures that most women will find the correct, snug fit. Fixed straps make a full adjustment intuitive and quick. A large front visor will keep the sun out of your eyes. Get it now. 

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