The Best Antiperspirant Wipes

Sweaty pits can be a real pain—whether you’re out with friends, on the trail, or on your way to work, keeping dry and scent-free goes a long way to making you feel more comfortable and better overall. The problem is that the products made to handle it come in unwieldy bars and in roll-on applicators and spray cans. Sure, you can get travel-size versions, but even the smallest is too big for you to fit in a wallet or in your pocket. The solution: Switch out the messy solid products for a portable antiperspirant wipe instead.

Best Overall

Carpe On-the-Go Antiperspirant Underarm Wipes

Strong and Clean. Keep yourself smelling sweet with these everyday wipes.

What We Liked

If you’re looking for an everyday product to carry with you in your backpack or your wallet, you won’t do better than this. Unlike most antiperspirants, which are designed to be applied immediately after a shower at night, Carpe’s product can be used anywhere, enabling you to freshen up on the trail, in hostels, or out on the town. Sage leaf extract helps keep skin feeling dry, while vitamin E moisturizes. Buy Now

Most Affordable

La Fresh Travel Lite Antiperspirant Wipes for Men and Women

Portable Solution. Swap out your sticks for this low-cost, handy alternative.

What We Liked

If you’re using a product every day, it helps to buy in bulk. Sold in convenient 50-unit packs, La Fresh’s wipes are our pick for daily use. With a fresh scent and a residue-free formula, they’ll serve you well in almost any environment. The biodegradable wipes are also TSA-compliant, meaning that you can bring your deodorant with you without worrying about hand luggage limits. Buy Now


SweatBlock Clinical Strength Antiperspirant Wipes

Prescription-Strength Odor Blocking. If you’re dealing with serious smell, this is the product for you.

What We Liked

Sometimes, you find yourself dealing with a stench that’s too powerful for a normal deodorant to handle. Turn to these clinical-strength wipes, which are made with a strong enough formulation to handle even serious sweating problems. One application is enough to last up to seven days; just apply after a shower, preferably right before bed. Buy Now

Most Versatile

Sweat Shield Ultra Antiperspirant

Works Almost Anywhere. Sweaty hands? Sweaty feet? This antiperspirant can handle it all.

What We Liked 

Fact: Your underarms aren’t the only part of you that sweats. If you’re constantly dealing with sweaty feet, palms, or anywhere else, these gentle-yet-strong wipes are your go-to. Dab (don’t wipe) wherever needed and let it work its magic. Even better, added vitamin E and aloe stops skin from becoming too dry.