The Best 2000W Inverters and Generators

Having power for your electronics and appliances and tools can be super important, especially when venturing away from home. Power inverters are one of the best ways for charging, because all you need is a car battery. These inverters are able to take the DC power from a 12V battery used in a car and convert it to the AC power you need to charge or run electronic devices and tools. In this roundup, you’ll find a few of our favorite 2000W power inverters, in addition to a couple of inverter generators that can create their own power for use at campsites, tailgates, worksites, or during an emergency scenario.
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Best Power Inverter For Road Trips 

Krieger 2000W Power Inverter

Easy-to-Use Power Inverter. A power inverter designed to convert 12V DC power to 120V AC power.

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This easy-to-use power inverter can be connected right onto a car battery, providing instant power for electronics. You don’t need to worry about overloading, over voltage, high temperature, or short circuiting with its built-in safety measures. Buy it now.

Best Inverter Generator For Outdoor Gatherings

WEN Portable Inverter Generator

Clean Energy, Quiet Operation. Produces clean power for any outdoor areas including campsites, backyards, tailgates, and much more.

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The volume on this inverter generator is really quiet. It contains a lot of outlets, including two three-prong 120V receptacles, one 12V DC receptacle, and one 5V USB port. Free of voltage spikes and drops, this inverter is safe to use on laptops, phones, or any other electronics that may be vulnerable to overcharging. Buy it here.

Quietest Inverter Generator

 Pulsar Portable Inverter Generator

Compact and Powerful. A small inverter generator that produces 2000 peak watts and 1600 running watts. Quiet enough to be unnoticeable just a few feet away.

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The small suitcase design weighs under 47 pounds. Capable of running for up to eight hours on half load with just over a gallon of fuel. Stable Sine Wave technology allows for clean, safe electrical power for sensitive devices such as phones and tablets. Get it here.

Great Quality

Ampeak 2000W Power Inverter

Power Inverter for 12V Battery. An ideal high power inverter that provides 2000W continuous DC to AC power output.

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With three AC outlets and one USB, you have the ability to charge electronics with your car battery on the road, camping, or in an emergency situation. Just attach to a car battery, and you’re able to have AC power immediately. Buy it now.

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