Four of the Best Emergency Generators

Quiet, eco-friendly power solutions small enough to store away for an emergency and light enough to carry along on your next outing can help keep you safe and give you peace of mind. We’ve narrowed down the choices to four of the best portable power stations available. Each emergency generator can be recharged in several ways, has both USB and DC ports, and features at least one 110-volt receptacle. Pick up one of these great options to take along on your next outdoor journey or keep it at home for emergencies. No matter where you are, you’ll be able to charge up a host of small appliances with these emergency generators.
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Best for Camping

Jackery Portable 240W Power Station Explorer

Turn Camping into Glamping

Just because you’re out in the wilderness doesn’t mean you need to leave all luxuries behind. Radios, phones, coolers, CPAP machines, and drones are just a few things you can charge with this power station on your next adventure.

What We Liked

The 240 watt-hour power station is a quiet, eco-friendly solution for clean power. Plug in with a choice of using the 110-volt AC outlet, the two USB ports, or the DC car port. Solar panels are sold separately, providing another method of recharging. This power station comes with an AC adapter, car charger cable, and user guide. Purchase Yours Here.

Most Reliable

Rockpals 250-Watt Portable Generator 

Essential Technology

Two USB ports, four 12-volt DC ports, and dual 120-volt AC outlets supply enough energy to charge a phone, tablet, and much more.

What We Liked

MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracker) technology delivers a charge up to 40 percent faster when using solar panels. Add in the pure Sine Wave Inverter for clean power and built-in protection against surges, overcharges, and high temperatures, and you’ve got a generator you can trust for consistent power. Recharging the power supply can be done with solar, a 100-volt wall outlet, or a 12-volt car socket. In addition, a 240 watt-hour (3.7-volt 64.8Ah/12-volt 20Ah) lithium polymer battery pack is included. Order Online.

Most Power 

PRYMAX 300W Portable Power Station

Emergency Preparedness for Apartments

Living in an apartment or condo during an outage means you’re left in the dark as it’s not safe to run a gas or propane-powered generator. The solution is simple—this 300 watt portable power supply will light up the room and power your phone.

What We Liked

The LED flashlight is a nice feature of this 300 running/600 surge watts power station. There are plenty of ports to energize phones, radios, lights, a TV, or other small appliances. You’ll find three DC ports (12 and 24-volt output, 19-volt input), two USB ports (5-volt), a type-c quick charge port (5V3A/9V2A), as well as a cigarette lighter port. The two 110-volt ports use pure sine wave technology to keep sensitive devices safe, and a built-in cooling fan works automatically to stop overheating. Get It Here.

Most Lightweight

AIMTOM 155W Portable Generator

Portable and Reliable

Weighing less than 3.5 pounds, this power source has built-in surge and heat protection to keep devices safe, providing an excellent portable power supply ready for an outdoor adventure.

What We Liked

The large 42000mAh battery provides up to 155 watts to keep a camera, phone, GPS, or other small devices charged. Plug into the AC outlet (110-volt), the three USB ports (5-volt), or the three DC outputs (12-volt). Plus, MPPT technology improves solar panel charging efficiency, and a cooling fan keeps the unit from overheating. Charging is by AC, solar, or car. Buy Now.

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