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Four Best Running Headbands for Women

Whether you’re running, cycling, hitting the elliptical at the gym, or playing sports, a good headband can keep the sweat on your brow from becoming the sweat in your eyes. Plus, headbands are great for those days when you just don’t feel like doing your hair (or don’t have the time!) and need a simple, stylish way to put your hair up and go. Here are four headbands we love for their style, function, and versatility. With these hand-picked options, you’re sure to find the style that’s right for you.
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Most Fun

4 Pack ELACUCOS Boho Criss Cross Headbands

Cute Boho-Inspired Style.  These fun ELACUCOS Boho Criss Cross Headbands are soft and comfortable, with just the right amount of stretch.

What We Liked

These are great for giving yourself an instant “new do.” They’re soft and comfortable, and they have a relaxed fit that won’t give you a headache when wearing them all day. Plenty of cute colors and patterns from which to choose, too. Get them here.

Best for Workouts

Halo II Headband/Sweatband

No Sweat. This Halo II Headband soaks up sweat and stays in place to keep you comfortable and focused during a tough workout.

What We Liked

This is our top choice for running and cycling. Sweat Seal technology channels sweat away from the face and eyes, while Dryline fabric soaks it up and dries quickly. Plus, special grip technology keeps the headband in place, even during high activity. And, for you cyclists, it fits nicely under a helmet. Buy them now. 

Best All-Purpose

4-Pack Quexiaomin Headbands

Stylish and Comfortable.  These stylish headbands fit well and are great for everything from everyday wear to working out.

What We Liked

We love the everyday versatility and fit of these headbands. They’re comfortable to wear – not too tight, yet snug enough to stay in place. Great choice of colors and prints, too. Plus, they’re affordably priced. Buy them here. 

Most Secure Fit

6-pack Nike Printed Headbands

No-Slip Performance. These Nike Headbands feature silicone backing that holds them in place, no matter how hard you work, play, or exercise.

What We Liked

Sometimes, the simplest solution works best. These simple, stylish Nike headbands are excellent for keeping hair out of your face while being active. They don’t slip, and they look great. Black & white color scheme goes with everything in your closet. Plus, they’re inexpensive, so if you lose one, you won’t cry. This is a product you can buy with confidence. Get them now.  

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