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Best Waterproof Gloves for Men

When the weather turns cool, wet hands make for cold hands. So if you’re headed into a cold, damp environment, you want to keep your hands dry at all costs. These gloves do that and more, offering good dexterity for tasks like skiing, hiking, and other outdoor activities. The best waterproof gloves have the right amount of insulation, good coverage for the wrists, and of course, protection against the elements. As a result, you’ll be able to stay out longer and enjoy the full use of your hands without compromising warmth or functionality.
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Best Work Gloves

Carhartt Men's W.P. Waterproof Insulated Glove

Tough, Warm, and Ready to Work

These basic, durable gloves bring warmth to your outdoor tasks.

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Yeah, it’s cold, but that doesn’t mean work stops. You need gloves that keep your hands dry and are tough enough to stand up to extended use. The reinforced polyester palm helps you maintain a good grip, the polytex shell is abuse-ready, and a stretch-fleece cuff keeps snow from climbing in at your wrist. A waterproof insert keeps moisture at bay while the FastDry lining prevents clamminess. The package is quite warm, while still allowing you to the freedom of movement to all but those tasks that require extreme fine motor skills. Keep those hands protected and they’ll keep you working harder for longer. Get them here. 

Best For Snowsports

VELAZZIO Waterproof Breathable Snowboard Gloves

Optimized for the Slopes

Keep your hands warm and dry in any conditions at the ski resort.

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When you’re skiing or hanging out outdoors, there’s a direct relationship between hand warmth and happiness. These gloves will keep you on the right side of that equation with a water-resistant polyester shell, 3M Thinsulate insulation, and a Fan-Tex membrane to keep your hands from getting too sweaty. Those features effective extend the working range from just above freezing to sub zero. A wrist gaiter works together with a tightening strap to block moisture, and a polyurethane coating on the palms ensures a good grip on your ski poles. Bonus feature: A small pocket on the wrist is protected by a waterproof zipper and holds small items you need to keep handy, like lip balm or keys. Buy them now. 

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