Best Waterproof Gloves for Kids

When the snow starts to fall, it can be super exciting for kids to get bundled up and head out to build snow forts, have snowball fights and just romp around. But having the right kids’ clothing, including gloves, to withstand cold and wet weather makes a huge difference on whether they have fun or not. Keep your kids happy, dry and warm with waterproof gloves that keep the cold out and the heat in. We’ve found two kinds for you to consider the next time you’re in the market for durable gloves for your kids.
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Best Overall

N'Ice Caps Kids Cold Weather Waterproof Thinsulate Camo

Fun and Toasty

With sizes for kids 3 through 15 years old, these gloves keep hands dry while kids are playing in cold weather and snow.

What We Liked

Keeping your kids’ hands dry and warm in cold weather is a must. These waterproof gloves come in a variety of colors, giving both boys plenty of choice and girls some choice. The 3M Thinsulate inside keeps hands warm, and the knitted cuff, which is 2.5 inches, near the wrist prevents snow from creeping in. They come in a variety of sizes to fit toddlers through teens, making it easy to order a pair for all the kids in your family. An adjustable strap keeps them on tight, even as they move around. A hook keeps them together when they are not being used. Get them here. 

Best for Young Kids

Aisprts Ski Gloves

Waterproof and Warm

Order a pair of these for each member of your family and keep everyone’s hands warm in really cold weather.

What We Liked

How many times have you been able to find one of your kids gloves but not the other? It’s a super frustrating experience that is compounded when you have put all your warm layers on and are searching the house as you overheat. You can keep these gloves together when you’re not wearing them with handy clips. The soft fleece inside keeps hands warm and it stretches to the glove opening to keep wrists toasty, too. The outer shell keeps wet snow from penetrating as do the waterproof insert bags inside the glove. Look at the sizing chart to figure out which size your family members are for a one-stop shop. Buy them now. 

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